Jumaat, 13 Disember 2013


kadang aku sedar akan salah diri

tapi dek ego yang tinggi
ku butakan mata, ku pekakkan telinga

kadang aku tahu lebih baik aku berdiam diri
tapi dek ego yang tinggi
ku lantang bersuara, merumitkan lagi perkara

kadang aku tahu lebih baik aku melangkah ke depan
tapi dek ego yang tinggi
ku tetap disini menunggumu, setia menanti

kadang aku tahu ku perlu buang ego ini
tapi dek ego yang tinggi
ku terus bersikap begini

biarlah apa orang nak kata
biarlah apa orang nak fikir
biarlah apa orang nak buat

aku tetap aku
aku tetap sayang kamu, pwincess

Sabtu, 30 November 2013


semoga mati ku kelak
mati yang tenang
semoga mati ku kelak 
ditempatkan dalam kalangan yang beriman
semoga mati ku kelak 
taubat ku diterima
semoga mati ku kelak 
dosa ku terampun
semoga mati ku kelak 
pahala ku dihimpun
semoga mati ku kelak 
tidak dikenang kerana dosa ku
semoga mati ku kelak 
tidak ditangisi yang dikasihi tapi diredhai
semoga mati ku kelak 
jadi pengajaran buat yang belum tiba ajal
semoga mati ku kelak 
syahadah jadi perkataan terakhir ku

Amin Amin Ya RabbalAlamin

Jumaat, 21 Jun 2013


Happy Birthday
its your big day
22 years
semoga panjang umur
berkekalan jodoh
dimurahkan rezeki
dipermudahkan pekerjaan

Khamis, 20 Jun 2013


please forgive all my sin
please give me one last chance
please comeback to me
please dont go

counting the days before i really left this place for good
i'm still hoping for one last chance
to date u like we use to
movies, dinner, shopping, picnic
everything bout u are hardly vanish
i dont know why but that is the truth

tomorrow is ur birthday
i keep on reminiscing bout ur birthday party last year
how happy u were that night
smiling and laughing

how i wish that now, i had a memory lost
so that i can forget everything bout u
maybe that is just the best way to ease my mind
to forget u
just now i watch The Vow
we watch it together
do u remember?
i hope u do

i still love u
please gimme one last chance
i wont beg but i hope u can give it a try
for one last chance
that is all i'm asking

Isnin, 27 Mei 2013


never ever
start a relationship
start your day
start your life
with a single lie
because a great lie 
a beautiful truth
it will end up
with an ugly truth

weekend of joy

i can be happy just like you
i can smile n laugh
i can move on too
yet i still remember the past
for the sake of future
4 years of waiting cant compare to 1 year of happiness n sadness
6 month of being close is nothing compare to 1 year of joy n tears
but past is past
its not present
future is ahead n that is what to be thought
i carry the loads n i shall carry it till end

Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

that day

that day, i was waiting for u to come to d event
but it finished early
u need to be somewhere
for the game
i thought it can wait
sunday maybe
but then u text me
someone approach u
knowing that i wont get 2nd chance
i choose to say go to him
maybe he can make u happier
why must u ask me
u already made ur decision that time
if i ask u to stay
u wont either
then u started to ask how am i doing
i lied
i lied that im okay
seeing u with him
pissed me off
why must u come with him
i can go meet u by myself
why baby why
ur happy that im being like this
knowing that i am begging
u love the show right?
thank you love
thank you so much
my ego ruined me
its killing the inside
i dont know what shit im talking right now but
all i know is that
im still trying to move on like u did
it look easy
but its hard

it never happened

i bought you a flower
bring you to dinner
kiss your hand while driving
hug you from back while walking
hold your hand while dinner
and most important
say that i'm sorry

on the day that will never come

tell me something that i dont know please.
i could only watch u from far.
no guts to go n say hi
coz i'm afraid u would run away
happy for u that he take good care of u
must be fun, doing things together with him right
gym dinner movie

if its not bout me, then who else?
us? as far as im concern, its history. right?
u've move on
for me, ur not changing
those dress, long hair etc
its the same
the same girl that
i once fall in love before this
u smile u laugh
no more tears
no more sadness

it was my fault
i was too focusing on changing u to be someone else
until it was too late for me
to realize that
it was me that change
not to relate to the relation
between me n aya or my ex meme
we're friend
both is just friend

when i was your man

i still care bout u
i really do
let time heal the wound
how long is not the point
as long i can move on
menyu menyu

Khamis, 25 April 2013

next chapter

i am the one to be blame for everything that happened between us. i didnt give u enough attention. it was me that full of flaws. i neglect everything bout u. i forgot when was the first time we met. when was the first time we spend the night out. i never focused to any ur talk. sorry bout that. its not u baby, it was me. it was me that doesnt want to cut off my relation with those girls that u were afraid of. my ex,my sister. im sorry. now they are happy with their life. aya is happy with her boyfriend now. they'll getting engaged this Hari Raya. my ex is now struggling to finish her study. she's happy n eager to finish degree on time.

i hope u too can finish ur study on time. wellington is waiting for u. a bright future n a promising happy ending is near. patient is all u need. u'll be fine n happy ever after will come along with u n him. i know u can and i know that day u were wishing will come one day. u were right, its not that hard to move on. u choose to be happy. it was me that let ur hand go. it was me that doesnt want to stay. so u choose him instead. hurt at first but now im ok with that. everything that happened got its own reason. u, urself know what d reason is. i dont. maybe Allah wanna show that im not the one. im sorry for being ur first. i'll be bringing the sin till i die. but please halalkan everything except for that. im trully am sorry. hate me forever, i dont mind.

one more semester n i'll be gone forever. :)  doing my best to get out of here as soon as possible. u r one of the best memory i tend not delete forever. i'll keep it safe deep in mind. everything is beautiful bout u. not us but u. stay strong sayang, Allah is preparing something better for u in future. just dont loose hope to Him. im surrounded by strong women. u are one of them. despite all those pressure, tension, u managed to stay strong n live life to ur fullest. i respect u much bout that. keep it up. may Allah blessed u with what ever u are doing right now.

Selasa, 23 April 2013

heads up

great weekend
great mood

thank you dear
for the heads up

Selasa, 9 April 2013

Saint of My Life

Good night good night my little angel
Good night good night my little ones
Spread your wings and fly
Away to your dreams

When you're sleep I'm on your side
When you're awake I'll be there still
Close your eyes, put a smile on your face...
Don't be scared 'coz
I'll be there to hold you tight

You're the king, you're the queen
You're saint of my life
And when the world is trembling
Down don't you cry coz there's nothing, nothing
That will keep us apart...

Sing with me my little darling
Sing along to this lullabies
Pick the moon kiss the star so good night

Sabtu, 6 April 2013

everything that happened between us
happened for its own reason
all those provocation
the tweet
the blogpost
the chats
i know, u are the type
who cannot get mad or hate people easily
despite all ur words, cursing and stuff
deep inside, u are soft
if we still keep in touch
contacting each other
im afraid i cant do anything but just hoping
hoping that one day
you will come back to me
but that aint gonna happen
i know

lucky u, get to move on so quick

u got special someone now

he'll stay for u
provoking u to hate me
please keep on hating
u are doing it great
im the sinner
i dont deserve any forgiveness
i got 1 more semester left
all i want is to finish it as quick as possible
so that u wont be seing me around anymore
i'll vanish from u forever
just 1 more semester
u might read this or u might not
u might take this as bullshit
i dont mind whatever thought crossed on ur mind
either both, nothing is changing
between us
keep up the hating
all those hatred
bash it on my face
all the best for u Faeznur Farok

lebih elok aku dibenci dari disayangi
lebih elok kita bermasam muka
lebih elok kita begini
biar hidup dihantui kekesalan
biar hidup dibebani dosa
biar hidup diselubungi kecewa
dari hidup dengan harapan tinggi untuk kembali
dari hidup dibayangi peristiwa lalu
dari hidup mengenangkan mu
mana letaknya diri
bukan lagi di hati
terima kasih kerana membenci
sekarang baru ku rela kau pergi
ampunkan aku
bukan aku orang yang kau cari
ku iring doa semoga kau kekal bahagia

Ahad, 31 Mac 2013

i dont hate you
i hate your boyfriend

Khamis, 28 Mac 2013

i wish

i wish
i change
i wish
i realize

before it was too late

i wish
u are happy
i wish
u get what u want most

Sabtu, 23 Mac 2013


turun membasahi hati yang tandus
seakan tahu sakit di hati
seakan turut meratapi

turun membasahi bumi Skudai
tempat jatuh bangun
tempat kasih dendam

pasti kau suka
pasti kau gembira

those feelings

i hate the fact that im still in love with you
everything in johor remind me of you
thought of running away
feels like being chased by fact
that we are not together anymore
fucked up
but at the time
trying the hardest to carve a smile
praying and hoping
for your happiness
i'm sorry
for hurting you over and over again
i'm sorry
for doing stupid things
i'm sorry
for everything that happened between us
he will stay with you
i know he will
eventually you will be happy forever after
i know you will
he's your new griffin now
he's your new life star
he's your new guardian
i miss you though
please forgive me
please pray that i will disappeared
out of your sight

Khamis, 21 Mac 2013

sasau diri bila kehilangan
bersyukur pun ada
berdoa agar diri kuat
aku manusia tabah
ku harung dengan senyum
biar hati luka
biar pedih jiwa

Bukan Untukmu

Dahulu kau mencintaiku 
Dahulu kau menginginkanku 
Meskipun tak pernah ada jawabku 
Tak berniat kau tinggalkan aku 
Sekarang kau pergi menjauh 
Sekarang kau tinggalkan aku 
Disaat ku mulai mengharapkanmu 
Dan kumohon maafkan aku 
Aku menyesal tlah membuatmu menangis 
Dan biarkan memilih yang lain 
Tapi jangan pernah kau dustai takdirmu 
Pasti itu terbaik untukmu 
Janganlah lagi kau mengingatku kembali 
Aku bukanlah untukmu 
Meski ku memohon dan meminta hatimu 
Jangan pernah tinggalkan dirinya 
Untuk diriku 
Sekarang kau pergi menjauh 
Sekarang kau tinggalkan aku 
Disaat ku mulai mengharapkanmu 
Dan kumohon maafkan aku 
Aku menyesal tlah membuatmu menangis 
Dan biarkan memilih yang lain 
Tapi jangan pernah kau dustai takdirmu 
Pasti itu terbaik untukmu 
Janganlah lagi kau mengingatku kembali 
Aku bukanlah untukmu 
Meski ku memohon dan meminta hatimu 
Jangan pernah tinggalkan dirinya 
Meski ku memohon dan meminta hatimu 
Jangan pernah tinggalkan dirinya 
Untuk diriku

Selasa, 19 Mac 2013

akhir kalam

tak ada apa nak tanya dah

tak ada apa nak cakap dah

cukup dengan segala cerita tadi
tak kira apa kau rasa
tak kira apa kau fikir
aku seakan bersyukur

sedih bila mana
kau kata kau mula hilang 
perasaan sayang
perasaan kasih
terhadap aku

sedang aku, masih cuba bertahan
tak mengapa
mungkin kerana pengalamanmu yang lalu
buat diri kau tak sekuat aku

gembira bila mana
dari tutur mu tadi
jujur bunyinya
sekurangnya aku tahu
lambat laun
ku akan kau tinggalkan

maaf kerana mengecewakan mu
maaf kerana masa kau ku baziri
tapi terima kasih
kerana tinggalkan aku
sekurangnya aku tahu
isi dibawah kulit mu itu

marah sudah pasti
diadun dengan hasad dengki
awalnya sahaja
akhirannya aku merelakan

dengan gembira aku akan tinggalkan kau
dengan tenang aku akan teruskan hidup
dengan syukur aku akan lupakan kau

terima kasih dan halalkan makan minum ku
ikhlas aku doakan kau bahagia

Jumaat, 1 Mac 2013

sorry for wasting your time
all those time
here and there

it was me that decide that you have to move on
it was me that started all of this

you never mention about being single or not having other guy
ever again in your life
not even once those words come out from your mouth

it was me that make the assumption
it was me that make the conclusion

you have the right to be happy
you choose to be happy
that why you move on that fast

sorry for wasting your time
all those time
here and there

Khamis, 28 Februari 2013

i wish that you wont give your full heart to him
i still wanna get back with you
but for now, i think its best for us to go on our own way

i am sorry for everything
there are time where i wish that, we can remain friend
laugh with joy
like the first time we met at McD
we talk like hours
i was really happy that time
to get to know someone like you
then we move on to the next stage
you thought that i was the one
though i insist at first
but somehow, i made up my mind
to be with you
its worth trying
and it really worth it
but then things started to change
i mean me
its not you
it was me
i dont know what change me
nothing has to do with Aya or my ex or any girl that you always thought
it was me
not you
you have give your best
your loyalty
i am loyal to you
but maybe because of my relation with those girl
how i treat them
making you feel insecure
i am sorry
last night
i was thinking that
maybe its best for us
to stay friend
until the time has really come
for me to ask you in hand
its better to be in that way
i think
i wont be hurting you over and over again
but then
i still ask you to gimme one last chance
because i know, if we are not together
there wont be US in future anymore
because i know that for you
there is no such thing as being friend with your ex
but then, i am still determine to ask you in hand
when the time has come

aku toleh ke belakang
senyum aku sendiri
melihat cerita yang berlalu pergi
baik dan buruk
pahit dan manis
senyum aku sendiri
hal kau dan aku
ku rangkul erat
jauh dalam sudut hati
senyum aku sendiri

termenung ke hadapan
kabur pandangan ku
terasa waktu berlalu perlahan
terkenang hal kau dan aku
kabur pandangan ku
cuba lupa hal kau dan dia
sayu hati

tersedar dari lamunan
aku toleh kiri dan kanan

rupanya aku masih disini
sejenak ku berfikir
hal yang berlalu
hal yang mendatang

ku berdoa
agar kau bahagia
disamping dia
ku berdoa
agar aku masih punya peluang
di kemudian hari
ku berdoa
agar kita kembali bersatu
suatu hari nanti

maafkan aku sayang

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

song from me to you

Isnin, 25 Februari 2013

moving on

my heart was pounding hard
everything looks blur
cant even dare to lift my head up
when noticing that you are moving on
with him
he's been waiting for you all this while
sorry for wasting your love and time
for someone like me
i guess i really hurt you badly
thank you for everything
you've been very nice to me all the time
i'm sorry for the sin i did
good night my dear
the memories will always be there

p/s : i love you always

madah marah padah

kecewa dengan diri sendiri
malu dengan diri sendiri
disebabkan perbuatan diri sendiri

hilang kawan
hilang kekasih
hilang peluang

tapi aku tak curang
tapi aku yang salah
tapi aku terhimpit

diluah mati kawan
ditelan mati kekasih
dikemam mati lah aku

Ahad, 13 Januari 2013

my sin

its hard not to think about the sin that i made
as it will remind you of all your past
i am sorry for what i did
for the first time in my life
things that i had in mind
that i wanted so much
finally stood still in front of me
i've spoken everything
and you've spilled everything
hopefully everything was spilled out
no more hiding or needing time for guts to tell
now its time to face the fact
to forget the past and live to the last
i am sorry for my wrong
i wont let you go
but if you feel like going
do tell me
if that will make you happy