Isnin, 30 Januari 2012

second chance

life is simple
if u overthink
it gets hard

the harder it is
the complicated
life would be

i am simplifying my life
giving myself
a second chance

i still remember 28
i am looking forward to it

no because of the person
but the promises made to her
earlier than i met her

i am happy with her now
but i still think of her
choose either one

and i choose her
that carve
smile on me

thank you for the chances
lets live life with no regret
what will happen in future
lets just leave it to Allah
to decide what best for us

thanks to her and her
i am what i am
in the inside
thank you both

loving both
is impossible
but keeping both
either one

as a friend
as a lover

its up to what will happen
in another 5years
hopefully its possible

Khamis, 12 Januari 2012

next to them is you

be with me till the end baby

yes i am selfish for wanting to reach my dreams
and i have my own perspective on seeing how i am
going to achieve it in future

all i need is someone to be with me
to support me
and i hope that that someone is you

because when i have reach my dreams
i want to see you by my side
at that moment
where nothing else matter
except you and me
living life like those tales told to us

goodnight Julie Abel