Sabtu, 24 Disember 2011

better than any

u make me high
with your stuff
better than drugs, alcohol, even sex
i wuv u

i wont be admitted to rehab
for being an you-addict

Rabu, 21 Disember 2011

i wuv u

lately i am tensed up with the assignment
the thesis is nothing but a garbage so far
fuck study
i cant wait to finish
but i hope that i can stay for another year maybe
i don't know how life would be without you
you've become part of it now

i'm sorry if i ever been loud to you
hurting you has never come to any of my intention
if you breath me everyday
and you claim that you cant go a day without me
then i would like you to know
that i feel the same too

in the car when we're back from your house
i never thought that i was hurting you
didn't mean to be harsh
i am sorry
i would love to spend time with you and your family
it was so sweet of you
asking your parent's permission
for letting me to stay for a night
it was so kind of them

i wish i met you a year or two before this
i wish that i can turn back time and ask you out when the first time i saw you
i miss singapore so much

i spend the whole week studying with you
during night at the library
even i get to spend the weekend with you and family
lucky me..i feel like i am at home
surrounded by siblings and elders

it was so nice of you to keep me accompany
but i feel guilty because each time i see you in the eyes
i can see tiredness, all because of me
i need you to be by my side
giving me support
yet i don't want to trouble you

i am okay when you being selfish
wanting me to be by your side 24/7
but it is i who forget
that without you
i would never realise my mistake for all this years
that without you
i would might forget how does it feels like
to love someone
to be love by someone
it's been a while since i had those feelings
thank you

you claim the night at city plaza and old town was the best
out of all night that we've been spending time together
but for me
every month,day and night,minute and second
that i've been spending with you
during this 5-6month time
was the best that i ever had

the smile on your face
the taste of your lips
the calmness in your eyes

i would remember that
just like how i will remember my promises
i don't mind if you are not keeping yours
cause i for sure will keep mine
as it not only a promise
but a vow
that i will carry
till i succed my future plan

i wuv u Julie Abel
i really do

with love
5:24 am December 21th, 2011