Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

Just nak membebel.....

Last month I went to Kajang,wasting time there with my cousin. For a week I've done nothing to cheer me up except helping my cousin with his work. Mixed up with the elder is great. They got plenty of story regarding their life and I usually take it as a something to be put in my do and don't list. Went out with Sam, Nisa and Mimi...(before we got in a big fight lor)...we played pool while waiting for Sam. I'm still hungry actually though we just had lunch at Domino's. Mimi is quite good in the pool game. She had played it before but as for Nisa.....Hahaha........sorry. Hmm...then we went for bowling. The ball is glowing but not the ball that catch my attention but Nisa. She's drop 100 something. Maybe she wanted a revenge coz we beat her in pool..huhuhu...

I called Kojek but eh said that he'll come a.s.a.p but still when we're done at starbucks,he still didn't show. Thought that he would never show up but he did. Thank good. He just saved me RM3. He send me home with his Legend. We merempit on the highway and it actually hurt my butt. While we merempit on the road,passing the trafficlight and even got lost, I dont mind at all coz I was fascinated by the view of KLCC. Hope that I got the chances to further my study in Shah Alam.

I'm totally bored with Perak and places to hangout at there. Nothing interesting. I've been studying there for 6 years and definitely not going for 7. But I bet I'll miss a few spot like Padang Polo,Rum's Jungle,7 Club and JJ of course..huhuhu... KMPk and MJSC Lenggong maybe....people there helps me a lot to survive especially when you had no one to count on. The lecturer actually that being helpful. As for friend,there are few of them like the Teknik Brash students. Man they are totally crazy. Being friend with them teach me how to enjoy life tho you got no money. Hahaha....miss them damn much. Chot,Am,Acap,Qordi,Poter.

Rabu, 28 Mei 2008

Surat B utk BB

To my x-baby.....

First of all,b nak say sorry for hurting your feeling over and over and over again...b tak maksud nak buat macam tu...tapi bb..........kadang-kadang b sendiri pun tak tahu apa yang b buat sampai bb cakap b berlagak, poyo and etc. B confuse...and because of that,i can't stop blaming myself for what had happened between us now...

Bila bb nk b berubah,b try berubah and i did change in few things...can't you see? I'm not the old Aiman anymore...i'd turned myself to Bopi....trying and dying to be like what you want me to be... Tapi itulah,b ni manusia normal...tak semua benda b boleh ubah untuk nak puaskan bb semata-mata...kalau pasal b suka marah-marah,b try control,tapi bb still tak faham-faham juga....bila kita gaduh,ada tak b tengking-tengking bb? Ada b cakap-cakap kasar dengan bb? Ok,I admit that ada sekali tu kita gaduh and b tanya bb lesbo ke tak...memang bodoh b cakap camtu..sumpah bodoh..b patutnya percayakan bb, tapi maybe sebab time tu b rasa marah sangat kat bb sampaikan b tanya b camtuh.

Bila kita gaduh,mostly b mengalah..yup!! memang patut b mengalah...tapi apa yang b tak suka bila bb suka marah-marah b or saje suka-suka nak naikkan darah b....Contohnya,bila b cakap yang b tak marah,tapi still bb ckp yang b sebenarnya still tak faham dengan b lagi ke?? I'm just a typical guy with a simple but phatetic lifestyle....and macam bb cakap la, b ni orangnya lurus,apa yang b cakap,itu semua apa yang b rasa...takde nyer b nak selindung kalau b marah dengan bb.

Bila b cakap yang b tak marah,b tak marah la...maybe marah,tapi sekejap je,lepas tu OK la balik....sama la macam bb...ingat tak masa keluar main bowling kat midvalley,b headlock kepala bb....time tu,b ingat nak bergurau macam apa yang b selalu buat kat member-member,tapi b bukan lelaki. Masa tu b ingat kan yang bb nak blah je,xmo lepak dah....tapi,bb sendiri cakap kat b lepas cakap yang kalau bb tengah marah,just biar je bb macam tu coz nanti bb akan OK balik...b pun macam tu gak....

Dalam sehari dua lepas tu,b ada contact bb....malam tu sebenarnya malam last b nak dengar suara bb coz b actually nekad nak disconnect dengan bb ngan cara baik...tapi plan tak jadi. Malam tu b tak tahu la bb marah or nasihat,tapi b tak kisah...b anggap apa yang bb cakap malam tu semau nasihat,tapi kalau bb marah pun,apa b were just trying to help...memang betul,bb dah banyak tolong b....luar dan dalam..pengalaman b dengan bb memang b takkan lupakan sampai bila-bila...tho bb dah benci dekat b...


B nak minta maaf kalau apa yang b dah buat ni menyakitkan hati bb...tapi ini je satu-satunya cara yang b rasa yang terbaik untuk buat bb lupakan b......and it works....I've deleted you from my friendlist in myspace,friendster,yahoo messenger,facebook and even in my phone but still,I check your myspace to see the've deleted our photo during the penang trip with nando....and even my name is no longer exist in your page...sangat-sangat sedih tapi itu keputusan b and b rasa,itu yang terbaik untuk kita berdua.

B tak sanggup dah nak buat bb sakit hati and b tak sanggup dah nak dengar bb marah-marah b for things that I didn't do....kalau ikutkan,boleh jer b marah balik,tapi b tak sanggup...b seorang yang cepat marah tapi b boleh control coz bb yang suruh and I did as you said so. B bersabar dengan apa yang bb cakap,buat tapi sabar b ada limit juga....sekali b da menyampah,selamanya b takkan pandang dah muka orang tuh....and tahniah,bb sebenarnya daa buat b menyampah...b menyampah dengan sikap bb yang macam tu...

Kenapa b boleh berusaha untuk berubah sedangkan bb tak pernah pun nak berubah....I'm not asking you to change your image but your attitude towards's like I've lost my respect from you. C'mon la,b seorang lelaki and you do know bout our ego right..cukup la dengan peluang-peluang yang b bagi,tapi b dah serik. Maybe bb rasa yang bb deserve another chance like you give me before,tapi situasi kita berbeza...and I am really thankful to you for giving me that chance...a chance to know you better than at school..thank you so much

Sekarang,b tengah tabahkan hati dengan future b...i've lost abah,i've lost you and i am definitely not going to lost my life...b lonely sangat-sangat...can't share my probs with umi...she doesn't know me...can't blame her for this coz I've been in boarding school for 5 years and I only spend a maximum of 2 month for my family. Masa kiat couple dulu pun,seboleh-bolehnya b tak nak bb tau b ada prob...memang loving is about sharing,but that won't work for me. B tak nak bb tiba-tiba rasa susah hati pasal problem b and b tau,memang bb tak pernah rasa macam tu. Kan? It's just a wild guest. Hmm.....harap-harap bb dapat boyfriend baru yang lagi sporting,lagi baik,lagi caring dari b. Apa-apa pun yang jadi antara kita,b tetap sayang bb..

Hari tu b ada SMS dengan Nisa...ala,malam yang kita gaduh tu...b tau bb bengang dengan b kan coz Kaldey invite b dalam konferens yg bb buat...terus bb out masa tu..takpe la,b yang salah. Hmm...masa b SMS dengan Nisa,b cakap kat dia yang b menyesal coz selama ni b kapel dengan bb....tapi bila b fikir-fikirkan balik,kenapa mesti b menyesal. Selama kita kapel,b da buat macam-macam untuk happykan bb and b rasa b berjaya gak cheerkan bb. B suka dengar bb gelak. Ingat tak masa b hiccups dulu? Masa tu lak b call gelak dengar b tersedu...heheheh...seronoknya masa tu..sangat susah nak dengar bb gelak. Memang bb ada gelak gak waktu-waktu lain,tapi b paling suka bb gelak masa tu...b harap ada gak la sikit-sikit happy moment selama kita kapel dulu ya...kalau takde tuh,b sorry sangat tapi b dah try yang terbaik untuk jaga bb. Setakat ini je yang b mampu. B harap bb dapat cari orang lain yang lagi bagus dari b dari semua benda. B tau bb boleh dapatkan someone yang betul-betul caring coz kamu dalam tak sedar attract ramai orang untuk kenal dengan kamu.

I'll miss pinching your cute face. There's plenty to say but I can't hardly think about it now. Take care. I'll miss you for the rest of my life. Love you so much Mimi...



Rabu, 21 Mei 2008


Woke up 530am in the morning...
make us breakfast and not just a breakfast like toast bread with jam....its a breakfast. Get it???
Then,she'll drive to the school....................alone....
Even when Abah is around,she went by her own...thinking back on how they met, makes me laugh. Based on their story, I started to believe that
not all true love exist before marriage as in other word tanpa CINTA
they still can live together. for more than 15 years.
How did they do that?
Yet,she still couldn't forget him. Maybe because of the period of time.

She's 44 this year...she's teaching at Kelantan,Zainab 2
and its a cluster school FYI.
I don't know how she does it
but she's being teaching there for about 10 years....
Sometimes she makes me could she stand it?
For 10 years she works at the same place,sitting on the same chair,
entering the same class every single day for the past 10 years???
Maybe the different is when the school
change its head with master or mistress or she got a new colleague and the students.
However,she could manage to adapt with the changing atmosphere there.
I salute her for that.
I mean,working in a same place for a decade
but facing different kind of thought from her boss
Doesn't that make her feel bored if the isn't like who she had before them
....but still,she can stand it.
As a teacher,maybe for them who work in other field think that
working as teacher is quit easy
but so far from my view,
she got lot more responsibility compared to other job.
Can you imagine that she is teaching a basic mathematic to
somebody's daughter and
that somebody is hoping that his or her daughter
could get an A in that subject.
Maybe for some people,they said that
teaching is easy but for me, from what I've seen everyday
since I know how to judge
its not about teaching
But having the responsibility of making the students to understand
what you are teaching them. It take a lot more than patient I guess.

Woke up 530am in the morning...
make us breakfast and not just a breakfast like toast bread with jam....
Then,she'll drive to the school....................alone....
Even when Abah is around,she went by her own...

she's definitely prettier than you...
No offense but thats the fact...face it OK?
Maybe its cheap but I got her a blouse...
Thanks to Nisa and Mimi...
Of course not for helping me with what to buy
but with the size...hahaha
Drinks on me 1 day OK ladies...thanks alot

~under construction!!!~

Isnin, 19 Mei 2008


Damn!!! thought is till got time to enjoy myself with friends but ,'s already May 19th.... i'll be getting my result on 20 something...huuu!!!!!...its like counting your death day man!!

my feeling tells me that it's worst than the 1st sem....don't know what to do....just hoping that i still got the chance to enter the university...(hope so)....if not,gotta think something else and better be no time left for you now...u need to think bout your family now...they are your priority man...think about it.......think again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again...................make sure that you die thinking of it...OK??
don't forget to pray....His blessing is all that we need.......................4jjI........Amin.....

Khamis, 8 Mei 2008

i'm confused

Thinking of getting married with dat gurl haaa my man??!!! who's gonna marry such loser?? u think dat she's going to be wit u all da tym haa?? trust me man....she will dumb u 1 day.....ain't no girl gonna live wit u...u think u can feed her with a smile...dumbhead...!!!!!!!

stop dreaming k...better u think bout ur future...much more important compared to need to find love right now coz u'll find 1 in future...maybe much more better than u had 1 now...maybe she is sweet nice cuddly n kind but u goota think bout sumthin man.....she is sum1 dat will easily fall in love with other and won't stay in love with any longer.....u had evrything dat she tempered,not cool,ur pennyless...n u r nobody...u r nobody man...nobody................... her results bout herself at her page....

"In love, you are an easy person to fall for. But not an easy person to stay in love with.
Although you are quite flexible, you often come off as aloof or argumentative."

Nahhh.....dats the prove...u both are'nt meant to be together...enough of it man...maybe she won't be yours but still.....if ur not shame of her friend...but i think dat won't be nice...jz forget bout it...there's too many memories...make a choice...u got 2 option....erase all memories between u n her or u can jz pretend dat nothing happened few days ago...get back to her...said ur bout it??


Hidup2....jgn ler byk sgt merungut... syukur ler dpt bernafas ats muka bumi neh...sikit punya cantik allah plak tuh...tapi itu la kter manusia...xpenah rase puas ngn nikmat yg da dprovidekn....ader sajer bnda yg nk dirungutkn,ader jer bunyi2 mengeluh....pebnda sbnrnyer yg kter nk keluhkn??? makan minom pakaian sumer ckp jer parent bg....even yg da dpt 4 5 ratos per month dri parent pon stil ley ckp xckp...mmg r zmn skg sumer bnda da naek hrga jd mahal2... tp klu btol la mahal,npe ader je org yg idop??? org yg papa kedana dok umah papan skli pon,still bley klu nk idop,money isnt evrythin laa brotha n sistah...most important iz dat we know how to live life.....da taw kter xde dwit,yg gatal2 nk g gk shoppin tu nper?? mmg r window shoppin jer,tp xke korg rs cm tndkan tu sengal? bler da 1st tym pegi,mst r geram cz xdpt bli.....2nd tym pegi ngn ader dwit,muler la nk licinkn dwit tuh....haiii......dwit skg ni bkn nyer sng2 jer nk cari kak oiiii..... kter ley ibaratkn dwit tuh nk msk dlm poket ni mcm air hujan...punyer la lamer 2ggu bru msk...da lamer 2ggu dwit nk msk,kluarnyer mencurah2 mcm air terjun....xhenti2....dasat2...renung2kan la kawan...bler da xde dwit,mula la nk mrungut...xslh klu mrungut,tp jgn ler sllu cz bnda tu slh diri sndirikan...pndi2 la jimat,sndri mau idop....bler sllu sgt merungut psl bnda samer,means xpenah rse nyesal ngn sikap cm2...amek la iktibar b4 jd lg trok...agpon,klu tabiat neh lekat smpi tua,xke susah...klu kawen ngn org kaya,byk dwit,harta mkn xabes smpi kiamat pon....xkesah ler...what if things happen vice versa??? no 1 knows wats waiting 4 us in future....ill pay u 1 million if theres one....hu3...if they do can,then predict when is the judgment day will be or mayb try to guest when am i going to die perhaps...hell i dont care if they do perdict it correctly or not cz as far as i know,in my religion theres no such thing as predicting bout life n be continued........

Tatapan buat kaum Hawa

Allah berfirman:

"Ketika Aku menciptakan seorang wanita, ia diharuskan untuk menjadi
seorang yang istimewa. Aku membuat bahunya cukup kuat untuk menopang
dunia; namun, harus cukup lembut untuk memberikan kenyamanan "

"Aku memberikannya kekuatan dari dalam untuk mampu melahirkan anak dan
menerima penolakan yang seringkali datang dari anak-anaknya "

"Aku memberinya kekerasan untuk membuatnya tetap tegar ketika
orang-orang lain menyerah, dan mengasuh keluarganya dengan penderitaan
dan kelelahan tanpa mengeluh "

"Aku memberinya kepekaan untuk mencintai anak-anaknya dalam setiap
keadaan, bahkan ketika anaknya bersikap sangat menyakiti hatinya "

"Aku memberinya kekuatan untuk mendukung suaminya dalam kegagalannya
dan melengkapi dengan tulang rusuk suaminya untuk melindungi hatinya "

"Aku memberinya kebijaksanaan untuk mengetahui bahwa seorang suami
yang baik takkan pernah menyakiti isterinya, tetapi kadang menguji
kekuatannya dan ketetapan hatinya untuk berada disisi suaminya tanpa
ragu "

"Dan akhirnya, Aku memberinya air mata untuk dititiskan.

Ini adalah khusus miliknya untuk digunakan bilapun ia perlukan."

"Kau tahu:

Kecantikan seorang wanita bukanlah dari pakaian yang dikenakannya,
susuk yang ia tampilkan, atau bagaimana ia menyisir rambutnya."

"Kecantikan seorang wanita harus dilihat dari matanya, kerana itulah
pintu hatinya ?tempat dimana cinta itu ada."

syahdu nyer bler bace....ak slaku slh sorg ciptaan allh.....nk cpk yg ak respek sgt2 kt sumer wanita n pompuan cz korg la yg jd tmpt kami mnumpang b4 syg.....zaman skg neh,even pompuan sndri pon xrespek diri sndri....

be proud of who u r ladies....syukur le...jg diri msg2 ye....jgn cayer sgt laki even yg menulis neh cz bler ader je org ke3 n korg taw2 sndri la saper.......ak jamin....pak imam pon bley tumbang....huhuhuhuhuhuhu

waaaaa!!!! ak cari psl ngn memey lg...bodO gler sial!!?!!....da taw syg tp cari psl mn ley thn beb.....rindu gler2 bangsat sama minah tuh...ntah pe la ilmu dier pakai smpi ak dok tergila2 kt dier....4/12 ri2 dier mai m3x...ak xtau...ptg tu ak men cm bese r,tp blk la bilik....smpi je blk, rumet ak btaw dier nmpk minah tu kt pak 2 rlx ag....pas2,ttbe je angin smcm....lari bajet rokok ak utk ari2.... 5 bat stret ak lyn....mcm2 dok pkr dlm kapla neh...rambot lak nga pnjg,igt nk botak....haaaa!!!1 baguih sgt la,memey dtg je ak botka....bkn tande protes or majok,tp dier yg nk tgk pale ak botak.....ikot je la yop....bkn tande takot samer dier,tp saayaaaang!!! hahaha...mlm 2 call dier,tp dier dok ralit ngn mmbr dier....hmmm....sabor je agk kuciwa sial.....last2 ak nk ngado kt si dayah tp terantor kt dier la plk...bodo gler bangang lah tym tuh...hu3.....pas2 dier reply blk npe n sape dayah...klu ikotkn tym tu bley je nk xmo....dari ak dok pendam,bek btaw je....kan??? mlm 2 xtdo lgsg lps bwt luahan ati...bkn sbb kecewwa, tp byk keje.....pagi esk 2 ade kls ganti,pki jadual ari jumaat.... dier ajak kuar,ak ikot jer dier lak yg cam nk xnk spend maser ngn ak pon mengkenselkan diri nk kuar ngn dier....biar la dier bahagia ngn teman2 dier....ape yg ak bleh bwt pon....dpt jmpe skjp pon jd la mlm tu afta dorg blk oting.....haiiii!!!! idop2.....byk sgt yg nk dikeluhkan....hmmmm