Isnin, 27 Mei 2013


never ever
start a relationship
start your day
start your life
with a single lie
because a great lie 
a beautiful truth
it will end up
with an ugly truth

weekend of joy

i can be happy just like you
i can smile n laugh
i can move on too
yet i still remember the past
for the sake of future
4 years of waiting cant compare to 1 year of happiness n sadness
6 month of being close is nothing compare to 1 year of joy n tears
but past is past
its not present
future is ahead n that is what to be thought
i carry the loads n i shall carry it till end

Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

that day

that day, i was waiting for u to come to d event
but it finished early
u need to be somewhere
for the game
i thought it can wait
sunday maybe
but then u text me
someone approach u
knowing that i wont get 2nd chance
i choose to say go to him
maybe he can make u happier
why must u ask me
u already made ur decision that time
if i ask u to stay
u wont either
then u started to ask how am i doing
i lied
i lied that im okay
seeing u with him
pissed me off
why must u come with him
i can go meet u by myself
why baby why
ur happy that im being like this
knowing that i am begging
u love the show right?
thank you love
thank you so much
my ego ruined me
its killing the inside
i dont know what shit im talking right now but
all i know is that
im still trying to move on like u did
it look easy
but its hard

it never happened

i bought you a flower
bring you to dinner
kiss your hand while driving
hug you from back while walking
hold your hand while dinner
and most important
say that i'm sorry

on the day that will never come

tell me something that i dont know please.
i could only watch u from far.
no guts to go n say hi
coz i'm afraid u would run away
happy for u that he take good care of u
must be fun, doing things together with him right
gym dinner movie

if its not bout me, then who else?
us? as far as im concern, its history. right?
u've move on
for me, ur not changing
those dress, long hair etc
its the same
the same girl that
i once fall in love before this
u smile u laugh
no more tears
no more sadness

it was my fault
i was too focusing on changing u to be someone else
until it was too late for me
to realize that
it was me that change
not to relate to the relation
between me n aya or my ex meme
we're friend
both is just friend

when i was your man

i still care bout u
i really do
let time heal the wound
how long is not the point
as long i can move on
menyu menyu