Sabtu, 31 Mac 2012

i plead guilty

sorry for my doubt. i hardly trust anyone past few years.

this is my last shot. i''ll be facing new stage of life after this.
i'll hardly be spending time with u anymore after this.
to make sure that u'll be safe, i need someone that i can rely on.
i know its wrong for me to ask u that question but i had to.
i dont know whether u'll answer it honestly or not yet i still need to do it.
coz i want u to know that love is not a game for me.
i've been it's slave for 4years. nothing gained except for heartbroken.
im definitely not going to let myself hurt this time.
its not just about me, but its about u.
i dont want u to lie to yourself bout your feelings.
im ok with honesty so far though its hard to accept.
so it's really important for me to know the answer.
i know ur still sad bout what happened. i am so sorry for everything.
i promise u, i'll fix this shit. i wont let u down.
one more thing, please be strong for me. i wont give up on u. i hope u do the same.

Rabu, 28 Mac 2012

i am sorry