Selasa, 15 Disember 2009

i cant please all of them all the time but i tried too

hoping that my efforts are good enough

they cant please me all the time

hoping that their efforts are good enough

sometimes harsh words spills unintend

you had to learn how to swallow it though

sometimes sweet words are just lie

feel free to accept it as a compliment

but please....i'm tired of this nak jaga hati kawan-kawan when they never care or appreciate it..

Isnin, 14 Disember 2009


Nama diberi Alia Maisarah binti Ghazali…macam nama lagu kan?...Ha3

Dia tak banyak kerenah…sangat comel!!! Cute, cuddly, adorable…ha3

Mata yang galak, dahi yang agak luas tapi still menampakkan kecomelan dia…

Hidung dia, walaupun tak mancung macam ex gue, tapi bulat2 gitu cam hidung kartun…

Pipi die…huisssh!!! Memang rasa nak gigit-gigit jer…tembam, soft and tender…macam ayam KFC gitu…ha3

Cane,comel tak die???!!!.....comel kan…… :D




It's been a while since I last post my update…it's not that im too busy with life, it's just that lately im too lazy too type it….yet life is getting happier and harder than I imagined during childhood..

Johor is still new to me unlike Perak, Penang or Kedah…meeting new people with lots of kerenah, trying to think and act like adults. God I hate it to be turn into adults. People won't be calling me Bopy anymore. Getting the Encik Aiman or Mr. Aiman status I think.

Everything is changing around me. People move on with their life…but what about me? Did I ever manage to get good result? Did I ever change my sociallife-approach-style? Did I turn to be a good son for the past few years? Did I ever forget her? I think not…I haven't change…well maybe not all things are suppose to be change.

Dayah with her new special boyfriend I think…maybe he's the..well, that's what she think…hope they'll last longer than the old one.

Kicik…I think she's still searching…I still remember her complaining bout "suka pada orang yang tak suka pada dia"….no worry dear, those guys doesn't know who they're missing and messing with.

Pokjak, still in jiwa kacau mode I think…being depressed by an incidents that cause him 0% chances in getting that girl, but I think he can find another one. Much better than her of course.

As for me, I am putting myself in a trap set by myself…having few special friends are made me choose either one if I still wanna move's a hard one coz they both are so nice and sweet. Don't wanna hurt them both and hurt my future-28-bride-to-be…so it is about 3 people's feeling and I don't really know what should I do exactly…a promise is a promise and yes, I will wait for her but do I have to torture myself? Does she really cares bout me? Does she really want to be with me? Never believe it when a man would propose a woman but can you believe it is vice versa?

Huuu…let's just forget bout the feeling first…the point is that I still have someone that I can take care of and I know that someone still cares bout me…

Never forget the past, as if it not because of it, we are not who we are today, never forget bout today as in present, it is who you are right now…after all of the past and today things, you won't be forgetting it all in future… a quote made myself..sounds silly right? It's just a reminder for not forgetting the past, present and future.


P/S : thanks for those who still read my blogs.. I'm still writing but won't be updating oftenly…sorry