Ahad, 2 Februari 2014

just for you

i didnt get the chance to say good bye this time not like when i finish my degree. be strong stay strong. you are the best dream that ever come true to me. and now, you're back to be a dream again. a pure dream that will remain deep inside. you are what every man always wanted. i pray for your happiness with azrai or any other man that will be the one for you. i hope you can forgive all my sin to you. as for your question during our last conversation when we argue during Sher's accident, no we cant be friend again. why? because you have azrai now, i dont want the friendship to jeopardize your relationship with him. why i can be friend with my previous ex? because i dont have any feeling anymore towards her, not like what i feel about you. pray for my success as i pray for your's. take care faeznur. though we cant be friend, like normal people do, but if you need anything, anything at all, you know how to find me. i will do my best to help you.

regards, your ex.