Khamis, 28 Februari 2013

i am sorry for everything
there are time where i wish that, we can remain friend
laugh with joy
like the first time we met at McD
we talk like hours
i was really happy that time
to get to know someone like you
then we move on to the next stage
you thought that i was the one
though i insist at first
but somehow, i made up my mind
to be with you
its worth trying
and it really worth it
but then things started to change
i mean me
its not you
it was me
i dont know what change me
nothing has to do with Aya or my ex or any girl that you always thought
it was me
not you
you have give your best
your loyalty
i am loyal to you
but maybe because of my relation with those girl
how i treat them
making you feel insecure
i am sorry
last night
i was thinking that
maybe its best for us
to stay friend
until the time has really come
for me to ask you in hand
its better to be in that way
i think
i wont be hurting you over and over again
but then
i still ask you to gimme one last chance
because i know, if we are not together
there wont be US in future anymore
because i know that for you
there is no such thing as being friend with your ex
but then, i am still determine to ask you in hand
when the time has come