Jumaat, 29 Mei 2009

another story yg xd kaitan lgsg with mylife.aha.

she is there.alone.left by him.and she fell off to the ground.she cried.a lot.she want to kill herself.she cant live without him.she trully cant.well she thinks she lost everything when he left.and then U came.U came to save her.the girl who is very pathetic.who cried a lot for the guy that she thought will be her prince charming forever.and when U came,at first she didnt feel anything.she dont have any feelings for U.she accepts U as a friend.and then the friendship grew.something unexpected.but the feeling she cant denied.never can be denied.her friends tells her to back off.cause they thought it is just a bloody feelings.but she never will...and she dont have a reason.

and when U came,she smiled a lot,instead of shedding the tears.and when she cried.U r there for her.and U r giving her hope to live again.U brings smile and laughter to her life again.'no more tears'.thats what U said.and the feelings grew.and u promise to accept her just the way she is when U knew about her past.and U promise that U will try ur best to take care of her heart.U dont want to break it.U dont want to see her cry anymore.

but then U dissapear from her life.without a single sign,U just dissapear.and she wondered y.she tried to reach U for so many times but......there's not a single sign saying that U will appear again in her life.she cried again.losing hope again.there it goes all her smiles,all her laughters.and her life is filled with tears again.and one day,U appear in her life again.but U that appeared totally not the same with the U that appear few weeks before that.U r different.the way U treat her.the way U talk.U dont want to msg her anymore.U didnt even says hello when U appear online.and U totally ignore her.she's clueless.should she put more hope?should she keep the feeling?she's totally blur.she hate that feeling.hated it so much.she hated the tears.she hated when her heart is bleeding.she cant think.she cant decide.would U explain.cause she knows that U want to wait.and U need time.but why are U changing drastically?she's so blur.

a song yg cam best.lala.

I will be all that you want and get my self together
Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day and make every thing ok

-to be continued-