Ahad, 13 Julai 2008

Fryday...11 July

Went out with Zaty and Min Che to KBMall...they wanted to buy something for me and guest what, I get to choose what I want...oh,bahagianya kalau hari-hari dapat rezeki macam ni...they just got their wonder both are generous to buy something...went into Speedy store..they pay for the CDs...thanx girl!!! Really appreciate it...

So,to show how thankful I am, I send the four of them back to UiTM there in half an hour to get there..perghh!! never thought that a place like Machang got something called a University...then went back home, take me only half of the half an hour to got there. My lonely driving was accompany by the music. Malaysian musician these days are getting better and better especially for the indie (root's n boot's O@G the times the official bittersweet the a.c.a.b harmacy couple red dragon the pilgrims project a.k.a hujan MUH roti romancesa etc)...

It was 1800, still early to go home, so stop at Tony's place and hangout with the pilots. I couldn't believe my eyes when I see Tony smoke but still I didn't say anything bout it coz for me, it is something normal for these days to see people smoke, not only for guys but for the ladies too..I wonder what Dinie would do if she know bout this. Hmm... talked bout the boys and few things bout gigs and other stuff.. It was a relieve actually coz I got to talk to someone besides Umi and the lil devils at home and its better than sitting home with nothing to do.

Suddenly, he offered me something that I can't hardly refuse. He offers to help me to get the MARA loan to fund my study in pilot. If I want to do so. Feels like my mouth was gonna threw out the word YES right that time but the word NO suddenly cuts my line when Tony said that I need to pay for first for 1st sem. It was RM15k....gosh!! how the hell am I suppose to get that fcuking money??!!!!...very-very the banyak wooo!!!..aiyoh!!!!.. plus me got not enough saving and if I do, I might think not twice but plenty times before make the decision plus Umi wont let me to be pilot...hu3 There goes the sound of a breaking heart again but still wanna thanx Tony for the offer. Hope he can help me with the loan in future insyaallah..