Isnin, 2 Jun 2008


Adehh!!! Today woke up at 1230...last night went to bed at 0430...I was awake by the message and reminder...It was Kekla,asking whether I've book or not the room for us during the reunion night. I said I didn't but I'll book it in a few days if the SRC doesn't have any progress with our stay. Thinking of went back to sleep but when I read the reminder, I rush for bath and went out to the bank...need to pay the processing fee for the UniKL application. I am hoping that I could go for my study in Aircraft Maintenance there.. I did apply after SPM and was called for interview but I turned out not going there. Why? Coz my PST relatives said "Why must you go for something that others don't want? Better go for matriculation la Man...thats the best for just had to spend only 1 year then you can go for degree." Thats what they said I follow them coz at that time,they are like PST for a naive guy like me. Got no father no more,so maybe they wanted to help and guide me...thanks to their sympathy and me for being soooo naive,now I've no where to go...with piece of shit, I might be throw away to Sabah Sarawak...isk3..don't want don't want...hu3