Khamis, 25 April 2013

next chapter

i am the one to be blame for everything that happened between us. i didnt give u enough attention. it was me that full of flaws. i neglect everything bout u. i forgot when was the first time we met. when was the first time we spend the night out. i never focused to any ur talk. sorry bout that. its not u baby, it was me. it was me that doesnt want to cut off my relation with those girls that u were afraid of. my ex,my sister. im sorry. now they are happy with their life. aya is happy with her boyfriend now. they'll getting engaged this Hari Raya. my ex is now struggling to finish her study. she's happy n eager to finish degree on time.

i hope u too can finish ur study on time. wellington is waiting for u. a bright future n a promising happy ending is near. patient is all u need. u'll be fine n happy ever after will come along with u n him. i know u can and i know that day u were wishing will come one day. u were right, its not that hard to move on. u choose to be happy. it was me that let ur hand go. it was me that doesnt want to stay. so u choose him instead. hurt at first but now im ok with that. everything that happened got its own reason. u, urself know what d reason is. i dont. maybe Allah wanna show that im not the one. im sorry for being ur first. i'll be bringing the sin till i die. but please halalkan everything except for that. im trully am sorry. hate me forever, i dont mind.

one more semester n i'll be gone forever. :)  doing my best to get out of here as soon as possible. u r one of the best memory i tend not delete forever. i'll keep it safe deep in mind. everything is beautiful bout u. not us but u. stay strong sayang, Allah is preparing something better for u in future. just dont loose hope to Him. im surrounded by strong women. u are one of them. despite all those pressure, tension, u managed to stay strong n live life to ur fullest. i respect u much bout that. keep it up. may Allah blessed u with what ever u are doing right now.