Khamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Dear God

O Allah al-mighty
help me
guide me

so that i can be a good muslim
so that i can be a good son
so that i can be a human

i wish right now i am Aladin
with a genie beside me, wish that i can summon him
all i want is just to hear his voice and hug him
i wont ask more
will be somekind of khurafat if i summon
wanting him to live with us again though he dead already

protect my family and i
gather us all in your Firdaus
so that we can meet our beloved father and husband
a person that we really-really miss for years time
only You know how much we miss him

i miss him

Dear God sang by Avenged Sevenfold
the lyrics keep playing in my mind
im singing this song over and over again

oh god,o Allah al-mighty

help me with this feeling will you?
is it love or just a feeling?

the memory keep flashing back in sudden
all those things we did
though its been about 3 or 4 years past

but still it can carve some smile on this hati kering guy..LOL
basketball, b n bb,bucuk masham
every single words n things brings up its own meaning
a meaning that can be understand only by me

i miss her